Start Your Home Buying Journey With Waterloo Real Estate Lawyers at DSJN Law.

Start Your Home Buying Journey With Our Qualified Waterloo Real Estate Lawyers at DSJN Law

Our Real Estate Law Firm in Waterloo, Ontario, works with first time homebuyers and long time homeowners in the purchase and sale of their real estate. At DSJN Law, our team is focused on providing you with a  professional and thorough home buying experience!


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3. Close On Your House - Stress Free!

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Why Work With a DSJN Real Estate Lawyer?

Your home is one of the largest investments you will ever make in your lifetime. That’s why It is so important to work with a real estate lawyer that you trust! They will ensure that your new home purchase is completed in a professional manner, while providing a stress-free experience!

Whether you are a first time home buyer or not, the purchase of your new home should be an exciting chapter of your life. When you work with a real estate lawyer from DSJN Law in Waterloo, this is exactly what we promise you!

We’ll take care of the legal requirements, searches and paperwork in order to provide you with a seamless transition into your new home.


What Is The Role Of A Good Real Estate Lawyer?

Your real estate lawyer is responsible for ensuring that all of the legal requirements are met upon the closing of your home purchase

  • The reviewing of all legal documentation
  • The safeguarding of your rights as a homebuyer 
  • The protection of your interests as a homebuyer 
  • The finalization and closing of your home purchase 


Real Estate Law Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a lawyer to buy a house?

Yes, you do need a real estate lawyer in order to buy a house.

A real estate lawyer will save you time, money and stress. They ensure that all documentation is properly completed, signed and filed in order to make your real estate purchase legally binding. They will also make sure that you are aware of any hidden costs or fees within the home buying process.


What should I look for in a real estate lawyer?

When searching for a real estate lawyer near you, there are a few key factors that you need to consider.

This first is a extensive experience - you need to know that your real estate lawyer is prepared to represent you, your rights and your interests throughout the home buying process.

You also want to ensure that your real estate lawyer is familiar with the area in which you are purchasing your new home whenever possible. This will ensure the proper searches on the property are completed, and the findings are reported to you accurately.

Lastly, your real estate lawyer should have experience with the type of property you are looking at purchasing. How much land is involved? Is this an agricultural property, commercial property or residential property?


When should I contact my real estate lawyer?

Many homebuyers are unsure of what point they should be contacting their real estate lawyer during the home buying process. Since your Offer to Purchase is a legal document, home buyers should be contacting their real estate lawyer prior to signing this important paperwork, if you want the lawyer's opinion on the clauses in the agreement.

Otherwise, if the purchase agreement has been signed and accepted by all parties, your real estate lawyer should receive a copy of the agreement within a week, which will give them the time needed to search the property, prepare the documentation, communicate with your mortgage company. and you on various outstanding matters prior to closing.

Hear From Our Homebuyers!

“I have used Lee for a couple of my properties and he has always been excellent to work with. He's very professional and friendly. Closing costs were always accurate with no surprises. I would highly recommend him.”
— Van Nghiem

“David Jutzi has worked with us for many years including real estate, wills, and corporate matters. I highly regard his advice and counsel and fully recommend his services.”
— Douglas Grant

“Helpful, funny, felt heard and cared about. solid, hard working, reliable honest lawyers Thank you”
Brittany Barry

Need A Lawyer in Waterloo? Contact DSJN Law!

At DSJN Law, our Waterloo real estate lawyers want to make your home buying experience as easy and exciting as possible! Do you need a real estate lawyer in the Kitchener or Waterloo region? Our friendly lawyers promise to provide you with the professional, accurate and reliable service that you deserve.

Contact our trusted real estate law firm today and let’s get started on your new home purchase!

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