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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Dueck, Sauer, Jutzi & Noll LLP is a leader in the field of conflict management and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) within the Waterloo Region. We recognize that ADR methods such as mediation and arbitration are excellent alternatives to litigation. Unlike litigation, ADR combines the opportunity to control costs, timing, outcome, privacy and stress, with the ability to restore and strengthen business or family relationships.

With their extensive experience in mediation and arbitration, as counsel and as neutrals, our lawyers are innovators in using ADR techniques to find cost-effective and timely solutions to client problems. Whether it involves a commercial or family dispute, workplace conflict or human rights issues, our lawyers have the knowledge, experience and compassion to effectively and efficiently assist in the resolution of our clients' legal matters.

We provide a full range of confidential services, including:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Med-Arb
  • Collaborative Family Law

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