Kelly Hooper - Associate


Kelly has been an associate member of the firm since 2003. She enjoys a general and diverse practice and services the needs of both private and corporate clients.

Kelly's primary focus is on the resolution of civil disputes, including those related to family law, employment law, estates, and guardianship. She is also actively involved with the co-operative housing sector.

Kelly is approachable, responsive and committed to her clients. She strives to provide each client with the care and timely attention that they deserve. Kelly prides herself in being someone to whom her clients can easily relate. She takes the time to speak to her clients in plain language, keeping each advised every step of the way. Kelly helps them understand and appreciate the various processes and options that are available to them.

While litigation is often necessary, she recognizes that in many cases, alternative methods to resolve disputes best serve her clients. She encourages negotiation, collaboration and discussion, where appropriate, applying an aggressive, but fair approach.

Professional Activities

Kelly is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, the Ontario Bar Association and the Waterloo Region Law Association. She frequently provides seminar presentations to the Central Ontario Co-operative Housing Federation on current legal issues generally and those related to co-operative housing specifically.