Slip and Fall Accidents

If you slip and fall or you are injured by some dangerous object or condition while on another person's property, you often have the right to claim compensation. Owners of such public places as shopping malls, stores, bus or train stations, airports, movie theaters, hotels or apartment buildings, have a duty to take reasonable care that their premises are safe for persons who are expected to be there. This includes such precautions as providing appropriate lighting and hand rails, ensuring that floors and stairs are not slippery and display items or products are not placed in a position where they could injure someone, as well as providing appropriate security and warning of potential hazards.

Homeowners must also be careful. If visitors have been warned about potential problem areas and reasonable steps have been taken to protect them, the homeowner can usually protect themselves from a claim. If people are injured as a result of a hidden hazard such as an icy sidewalk, however, they are likely to succeed in a claim. Injured persons are not always as careful themselves as they ideally should have been. When an injured person has contributed to their own accident by hurrying or wearing improper footwear, for instance, their claim for damages may be reduced. You should consult a personal injury lawyer to assist you with your claim.