Dog Bites

If you experience physical pain, scarring or psychological damage from the behaviour of a dog that belongs to another person, you are therefore entitled to make a claim for compensation. As in other areas of negligence law, the injured person's damages may be reduced if he or she caused or contributed to the injury.

All damages which reasonably flow from such an attack can be recovered, including pain and suffering, damages for disfigurement, wage losses, loss of future earning potential, health care costs that are not covered by public or private insurance plans and claims of other family members whose lives may be affected by the injury. Homeowners frequently have insurance plans which will cover such claims. It is difficult to assign an exact dollar value to such claims, because every case is unique, but an experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to properly assess your damages and help you with your claim.

Ontario's Dog Owners' Liability Act makes the owner of a dog liable for any damages resulting from a bite or attack by the dog on another person or domestic animal. This liability is absolute, but the injured person's damages can be reduced if the person who was attacked provoked the dog or contributed to their own injury.