Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a problem that our society is increasingly willing to confront. It can take a variety of forms, ranging from unwanted touching to forced intercourse. Those who have been victimized in this way, particularly during their childhood or teenage years, by a relative or other trusted adult, continue to suffer its effects for the rest of their lives. Failed relationships, difficulty trusting others, depression, workplace problems and other symptoms have all been traced back to childhood sexual abuse. Years of counseling may be required to help a victim deal with what has happened to them. Although no sum of money can ever make up for the trauma and humiliation, our civil courts take such claims seriously, and large damage awards have been obtained in such cases.

Normal limitation periods for sexual assault have been greatly extended by our courts, because victims are sometimes unable to come forward until many years have passed. If you have been sexually assaulted, you should immediately seek counseling, and consider reporting the matter to the police, as both of those steps will greatly assist your lawyer in prosecuting a claim later.