Employer - Employee Relations

There are two aspects to employee relations. The administrative component involves legal and accounting issues such as payroll, working conditions, benefits and workers' compensation and the second being a dedication to employee job satisfaction through efforts to promote a motivated and productive workforce.

In Ontario, the Employment Standards Act, 2000, applies to most employees and employers. This Act covers such issues as hours of work, minimum wage, public holidays, overtime pay, vacation pay, benefit plans, pregnancy and parental leave, termination of employment, severance pay, and general administration. It is essential that you operate your business within this legal framework to protect yourself from claims by employees or investigations and proceedings by the Ministry of Labour.

On matters such as employment termination, it is important to remember that the Employment Standards Act, 2000, only sets the minimum amount of notice an employee may be entitled to before termination or lay-off. The Court has often provided additional compensation to employees, over and above these statutory minimums. You should consult a lawyer before terminating an employee, to get advice on the best way to handle the situation and ensure that you do not create additional problems for your business.