Lawyers' Roles and Responsibilities

Your Collaborative Family Law ("CFL") lawyer will not only provide you with advice, but will help educate you in the CFL process and how to effectively negotiate, be a legal resource regarding what you are entitled to under the law and protect those rights during CFL meetings. In addition, your CFL lawyer will help identify the issues and concerns of both you and your spouse and work with you to find creative solutions to these problems. They will assist you and your spouse to analyze the consequences of each possible solution and any competing interests that may be involved. When emotions run high, your CFL lawyer will serve as a guardian to the integrity of the process and strive to defuse the situation.

Your CFL lawyer understands that once the CFL process has begun, court is not an option so long as CFL is pursued. Consequently, your CFL lawyer will refrain from using any adversarial techniques or tactics and favours instead cooperative and mutually respectful behaviour. It should be noted that should you wish at any time to stop the CFL process, your CFL lawyer will no longer be able to assist you in the litigation of your separation.